Welcome to the Maths at St Paul's page.

Our aim at St Paul's is to make maths learning fun, engaging and accessible for all learners.  Children will move along their learning journey in small, well thought out steps, so that each day their learning builds upon their prior knowledge.  All ages of learners will use physical resources to gain a thorough understanding of new concepts before moving onto pictorial and finally abstract representations.

How can you help?

Building fluency with key number facts is crucially important to enable children to efficiently carry out more complex calculations. 

Hit the button is a superb free website that supports this development and all children in year 2 and above have a subscription for Times Table Rock stars, a great website for practising multiplication skills.

Reasoning and problem solving skills are also vital in order to be a successful mathematician.  We encourage our children to talk about their maths regularly.  Asking questions such as what do you notice?  Or encouraging children to 'prove it.'

Lets put your skills to the test. What do you notice about this picture of a famous building?

Have a look at it's shape.

Is it made of more than one shape?

Do you see any lines of symmetry?


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