Another exciting week at St Paul's

Message from Mrs Anderson…

It is hard to believe that we are nearly in December, it does feel that the children are getting really excited already. We do have lots of wonderful things coming up in the last three weeks of term. Next week we will have a report from our KS2 children who attended an athletics festival today- sounds like they had a great time. Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Parent Surveys

Thank you to all of you who returned your parent and child surveys, we are in the middle of processing these. The overview of these will be sent out with the next newsletter. The focus of our first parent advisory group will be on the outcome of these. We have representatives for Year foundation, 2 and 4- if you would be willing to join the group in the other year groups please get in touch with me, We are going to have our first meeting on Wednesday 9th December at 9.30am.

Children in Need

Final update on Children In Need 2015 from the school- we raised £254 for Children In Need at school, thank you for your support with this.

Basketball Tournament

On the mufti day last week (13th November) ten or years 4, 5 and 6 went to Drake Primary in Keyha, for a basketball tournament. The first to arrive in the hall were us, then followed the rest of the teams. They were Victoria Road, St Budeaux Foundation, Keyham Barton and Weston Mill. Each team played two games, the first of ours was against Weston Mill. We thrashed them 12 : 0 (a hoop is worth 2 points). There was a bit of laughter when people tripped or slipped over, but they all got up. Our second game was against St Budeaux Foundation. Again we won! This time it was 10 : 2. With this win, we went on top, which is tremendous compared to what some of us thought we were going to do, which was lose. Luckily, we had nothing to lose.

Report by St Paul’s Basketball team

Christmas School Fair

Please join us for our Christmas School Fair next Friday 4th December. The fair will start at 6pm- we will look forward to seeing you there.

At the fair we always have a Christmas Tombola- we will be having a chocolate mufti on Wednesday for this. On Wednesday all children can wear mufti and the donation is something chocolate.

Foundation Open Afternoon…

We are having a ‘Prospective new to foundation parent open afternoon’ on Friday 4th December. This will start at 1.30pm- if you want to join us or know or any prospective parents please can you let them know. The details are on our facebook page and posters are up in various places in the community.

Able and Talented Maths Day

Last Thursday it was my privilege to accompany four very talented mathematicians to a special ‘Maths is fun’ day at St Stephen’s in Saltash. Joseph, Lohan, Tom and Kacper, from year 2 and 3, worked with pupils from others schools to solve a number of very tricky maths puzzles, including magic squares and tangrams. The boys were incredibly polite and enthusiastic all day, a real credit to our school. Can you answer this math’s problem?

Able and Talented Linguist Event

Last Thursday, six of our Able and Talented linguists and artists accompanied Mrs Lewis to the Reel cinema for a special screening of a French film as part of the Into Film Festival. They watched an extended animated film about a cat who sleeps all day, but spends the night with a burglar. The film was all in French, but with subtitles, and was beautifully drawn. All throroughly enjoyed the film and were a credit to the school for their behaviour and manners.

E-safety / Anti- bullying week 2015

What an amazing week? The staff and children had a very informative and thought provoking e-safety and Anti-bullying week. Discussions and debates during the week were informative for all of the children. We were delighted with how responsibly they discussed and shared their thoughts and ideas. For us this week was key in our focus and commitment to Safeguarding at St Paul’s.

One of the highlights for the staff and children was the open afternoon on Friday where so many of you came into school to share your child’s learning in these areas. Personally I was delighted with the support you gave to the ‘Computing in the digital age’ session with SImon Snell from South West Grid for Learning. This was a very enlightening workshop for parents identifying the strengths of technology together with the issues around keeping us and our children safe. He has agreed to send us some information on this. Once he does we will share this with you.

Each class has put together an outline of some of the things they did during the week.

Foundation Class learned about how Smartie the penguin keeps safe when he's on the Internet, by always telling someone if something unusual happens.

"Before you click, click, click, you have to think, think, think, and TELL SOMEONE!"

We also thought about what makes a good friend and looked at pictures of us playing together to see what a good friend looks like.

For E-safety week year 1 enjoyed learning about the adventures of Smartie the Penguin. We learned the song 'before you click, click, click, you need to think, think, think and tell someone.' This helps us remember to always tell a grown up. Our favourite part of the week was having our grown ups come into school to learn about Smartie too. We wrote our own invitations and sung our song to them.

Year Two enjoyed a range of activities during E-safety and Anti-bullying week, everyone took part in discussions, created a poster telling others how to stay safe online and considered what a good friend looks and sounds like. One of our favourite activities was reading the story of Chicken Clicking, who was very silly online, and then writing her a letter telling her how to keep safe in future. We learnt lots and loved sharing our learning with our grown-ups at the end of the week.

As part of e-safety week, Year 3 explored the story 'Chicken Clicking' by Jeanne Willis. Through retelling and book talk we realised that the chicken had not kept herself safe online. The children were able to discuss what the chicken should have done. They were then challenged to apply this knowledge to a range of scenarios. The children were able to explain the choices they would make.

We have also enjoyed reading the book 'The hundred dresses' in class this term. One of the main characters in the story is a girl called Wanda who, sadly, is bullied at school. We role played the scenes in class and the children explored the characters' emotions by painting pictures. We then discussed how we would change the story's sad ending. The children explored these alternative endings through role play during anti bullying week.

During E-safety week year 4 looked at the story of chicken clicking. We explored the morals of this story in guided reading in addition to learning it off by heart to perform to an audience. We also explored a variety of scenarios that we may face online and discussed what the best solution to the problems would be. Also we have used the google chrome-books in maths exploring online shopping. In English, we also had the opportunity to write a debate discussing reasons for and against using the Internet. We all really enjoyed sharing our learning with our parents on Friday afternoon.

Year 5 started the week focusing on E-safety, we watched the videos on Hector's World which informed us about how to keep safe online. We followed this up by looking at SMART which helped us to understand the key important points. We then used those points to create an e-safety board game that we would be able to share with our family. Later on in the week, we focused on anti-bullying. We discussed what bully is, the situations that may arise and how we should deal with these situation. The most important thing that we learn this week is to always talk to an adult you trust about anything that makes you feel unhappy or uncomfortable.

During E-Safety and Anti Bullying week, year 6 looked at ways of bullying - emotional, verbal and physical. Children acted out scenarios of bullying situations and considered what would be the appropriate action to take place.

They looked at being safe online and what this entailed. They looked at a NSPCC video of what the repercussions are when someone shared an inappropriate picture of someone and that person shared until it went global.

Posters were made about stopping bullying. Children were asked question as to what they would do if... Children responded in a booklet. SMART was discussed and a copy of this they took home. Children made a board game

to do with E Safety and Bullying. Finally children wrote about what they had learnt that week.

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