Reflection from Father Tim

One of the main themes of Lent is reconciliation. Reconciliation means making up with God, saying sorry to him and to each other for the things we have done wrong.

Over the next few weeks in our school masses with the children, we will be sharing some reconciliation stories from the Bible. The story of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10), who was a tax collector. He collected taxes for the Romans, but made himself very rich by taking more tax than he should have and keeping it for himself. Meeting Jesus makes him realise how wrongly he has been behaving, and he promises never to steal again, and to give back what he has stolen. In the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32), Jesus tells the story of a greedy young man who persuades his Father to give him all his money, and he goes off and spends it. Soon he has nothing left, and he gets very hungry. He decides to go back home, and say sorry to his father. The father welcomes him back, and throws a party. He does not even tell him off, he is just glad to have him back.

This is how God the Father is with us when we have done wrong, when we have forgotten about him and thought only of ourselves. He waits to welcome us back with open arms. We just have to come and say sorry. During Lent all our parish churches are open on Tuesday evenings from 7pm until 830 when our priests will be waiting to welcome people to confession. On Friday of this week at Holy Family church at 6pm, five of our children will be making their first confession. So please pray for them. They are they are Tom, Kacper, Keziah, Jensen and Jude (year 3) and Ayden (year 4). Please think about your own journey with God. Do you need, like Zaccheus, to make a new start with Jesus, and like the Prodigal Son to return to your Father's house?

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